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Permanent partner for the rubber transmission belt industry

De Pecker Gent is a permanent partner for the rubber transmission belt industry. Manufacturers of rubber belts for all possible applications greatly appreciate our expertise as a machine builder. In addition, they can count on us for fast industrial repairs and our 24/7 intervention service, including the production and assembly of custom mechanical parts.

Machines for the rubber transmission belt industry have to meet high mechanical requirements and quality standards. The production of rubber transmission belts is particularly demanding on the production machines and installations. Rubber belts have numerous applications, ranging from conveyor belts to parts of machines or engines.

Expertise in the rubber transmission belt industry

Over the years we have built up enormous expertise in the rubber transmission belt industry, both in the field of machine construction and repairs. With specific regards to the rubber belt industry we have over half a century of experience and knowledge. The first steps in this industry were set with the construction of a specific machine that was built for Gates Belgium. Based on the knowledge and experience built up here we grew the business for these specific types of machinery throughout Gates worldwide and the other international rubber belt producers around the globe.

Over a period of 50 years we’ve designed, produced and installed equipment and machinery for the GATES group in Belgium, Poland, France, Spain, China, USA and Mexico. In that period we also supplied our rubber belt production and test machinery to Continental, Optibelt, Fenner, Megadyne and many others at production facilities located within Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. Thanks to the experienced team working on this machinery since many years we have built up the specific know-how on this quite unique production process. As we have installed machinery worldwide we are also familiar with export regulations and upgrading our machinery to meet the local standards, norms and safety requirements be it CE, GOS, OSHA and others.

We think along with you!

We want our clients to enjoy this expertise to the fullest. Our research department proactively thinks along with you and we engineer machines and installations that excel in reliability, speed and efficiency. Our customers are top end rubber belt producers that need to achieve the always stricter quality requirements of the automotive and other industries where the normal belt ranges or heavy duty transmission belts of any kind are needed, both for the OEM or aftersales market. Therefore we improve the design of our belt production machinery on a regular basis to meet those demands be it to work faster and to produce more accurately.
Special designed unique machinery for exclusive purposes, be it for testing reasons or to meet very high production standards is also within our capabilities. A few examples of those are uniquely built equipment for producing poly-v belts used by Porsche or unique testing equipment for heavy duty belts used in New Holland harvesters.
In the past we have been, and currently still are, involved within R&D projects in close cooperation with belt producers in the pursuit of finding new and more efficient production methods and this in the strictest confidentiality safeguarding our customer’s interests.

Total service for rubber transmission belt industry

We strive for a long-term cooperation with each customer. We will personally visit you and explain our extensive options. We not only design and make the desired machines, we also take care of the preventive maintenance and the necessary repairs. If necessary, we make custom parts and also take care of the assembly. In case of urgent problems, we offer our 24/7 intervention service. Our service teams ensure minimum production downtime in the event of an emergency.

Strenghts of our machines

The advantages of our machinery are the following:

  • Increased speed of working
  • Extended accuracy and quality / consistency of end product
  • Higher degree of automatization (Less manipulation and manual labor)
  • Less waste and higher output volumes
  • Over 50 years of experience and evolved knowledge directly at your service

This results in a reduced total cost thanks to all of the above and leads to a short ROI gain back time.


Machines for the rubber transmission belt industry

Discover some machines that we have already engineered and/or produced for the rubber transmission belt industry.

A. Belt slab fabrication machinery

B. Cutting machinery for raw-edge, synchronous and poly-V slabs or belts

C. Grinding & moulding machinery for poly-V-belts:

D. Building, wrapping and curing machinery for classical V-belts.

E. Measuring and testing machinery

As a company active in the rubber transmission belt industry and looking for a reliable maintenance partner? Do you need new machines or do you want to have existing production machines thoroughly overhauled? Contact De Pecker Gent.