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Technical craftsmanship since 1926

The roots of De Pecker Gent go back to 1926. That is the year in which Remi De Pecker founded a company for the maintenance and repair of machinery and steam-driven inland vessels. The business activities changed throughout the years, but the focus on technical craftsmanship has always been preserved.

Houtdoklaan 11 august 1974

Development and construction of machinery

In addition to maintenance and repairs, Remi De Pecker already made the step towards mechanical engineering ten years after the start of his company. He personally developed a machine for the sorting of eggs in 1936.

When Paul De Pecker joined the company in 1949, the business shifted into a higher gear in the field of development and production of machinery. The focus was fully aimed at the local market during those years.

In the years to follow, the business offerings grew with the performance of ship repairs on inland vessels.

New location in the seaport of Ghent

The year 2002 was an important milestone for the company. The company built a new location in the seaport of Ghent that year. The repair of ships was discontinued.

Since then, the attention is completely focused on industrial maintenance and mechanical engineering. The start-up of the 24/7 intervention service was also introduced that year.

With a hall of 6000 m² and a height of 20 meters, we can serve you perfectly for all your projects.

Aerial view september 2018

De Pecker Gent today

Today, the team of De Pecker Gent has around sixty employees. A lot of attention is paid to training and education of the employees. Safety is a permanent point of attention.

The workshop is equipped with the latest computerised machinery for the milling, turning and processing of metal parts. We have sufficient space to assemble very large machinery and installations.

The strongly expanded engineering department is responsible for all technical designs and the related drawings.

The customer base consists of small and very large companies from virtually all industrial sectors. The department mechanical engineering operates globally.