Dringend interventie nodig?
Bel: +32 (0)498 87 65 23

We arrive on-site immediately

Do your industrial installations or machinery experience an unexpected mechanical problem? Is a certain machine blocked or did a part break down? Rely upon our 24/7 intervention service. We immediately send a service team to your location to provide a quick solution. This is how we limit possible production stops to the absolute minimum. We help out everyone with an emergency, existing client or not.


Always available

Our service team stands ready 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for fast interventions. Are you in need of an urgent intervention? Call +32 (0)498 87 65 23. We send a service team to your location immediately.

A solution as quickly as possible

Our intervention team consists of experienced mechanics who have all the tools necessary to solve mechanical problems as quickly as possible.

They are always able to rely upon our engineering department and workshop for the rapid manufacturing of replacement parts.

Whenever replacement parts are needed, our mechanic at location sends all specifications (type of material, measurements, …) to our engineering department. This department immediately develops technical drawings, after which the part usually goes into production and is assembled that same day.

Our intervention team makes all possible efforts to reduce potential production stops to the absolute minimum.

We help everybody

All kinds of companies are able to solicit the services of our intervention service. That applies both to large industrial enterprises and SMEs with smaller production facilities.

We also have little restrictions in the field of business sectors. Our intervention team sets out to work at every location equipped with production machinery and installations.

There is definitely no need to be an existing customer in order to be helped. We don’t leave anyone out in the cold.

Geographically speaking, we are mainly focusing on the region Ghent and the axis Ghent-Kortrijk, but interventions outside this region are also possible.

In need of urgent intervention?

Call +32 (0)498 87 65 23

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