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Mechanical engineering from the first concept up to and including commissioning

Thanks to our highly developed engineering department, De Pecker is your ideal partner for the design and the construction of industrial machinery and installations. We guarantee total service, from the initial concept up to and including the commissioning on-site. In addition to fully custom-made solutions, we established a large portfolio in the past years of specialised machinery and installations we manufactured according to customer-specific modifications.  

Fully custom-made or from our portfolio?

We do not avoid any technical challenge in the field of industrial mechanical engineering. We work according to two possibilities:

  • Fully custom-made: We elaborate a unique solution from scratch. Our engineering department starts working based on your wishes and expectations or first concept sketches.
  • From our existing catalogue: We accumulated a great deal of experience in the past decades with specific machinery and installations. We adjust these designs in a customer-specific way, after which the production and assembly starts.

Have a look at our portfolio 

We are able to adjust and produce the following industrial machinery and installations in a customer-specific way:


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