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Industrial maintenance of your machinery and installations

De Pecker has an experienced and motivated team of mechanics to carry out industrial maintenance. We focus on all of the mechanical parts incorporated in industrial machinery and installations. Several maintenance formulas are possible. These formulas are ranging from repairs on demand or with a fixed frequency up to and including fulltime secondment. In the event of urgent technical problems, you can rely upon our fast 24/7 intervention service.

Your machinery and installations in perfect condition

Our mechanics carry out preventive maintenance to keep your industrial machinery and installations in perfect condition.

We maintain both the machinery we developed and produced ourselves, and machinery of third parties. The maintenance of old industrial installations or machinery also does not present any problem.

We thoroughly check all parts during servicing on possible wear or anomalies. We take immediate action, in consultation, should any defect be detected.

We have all the tools required to perform any repairs necessary. Where needed, we manufacture a customised replacement part.

Our project leaders guarantee the expertise and additional support needed for more complicated repairs.

Maintenance according to the frequency agreed upon

Depending on your wishes and needs, we agree upon a cooperation formula. Some clients call upon our industrial maintenance service on demand.

In other cases, we send a maintenance team according to a fixed frequency, for example weekly or fortnightly.

A few clients, for example large industrial production companies, need fulltime assistance. Should that be the case, we second our mechanics for a period of time agreed upon.

In need of a customised part?

We have a fully equipped workshop at our home base in Ghent as well as an engineering department for the manufacturing (welding, grinding, milling, turning, …) of every possible customised metal part.

If the technical plans of the part do not (no longer) exist, these are elaborated immediately by our engineering department with our own technical designers.

Our computerised machinery guarantees the accuracy required for the replacement part.

In order to reduce possible downtime of the production to an absolute minimum, we work extremely fast. In many cases we are able to deliver the replacement part that same workday, after which our mechanics mount the part immediately.

Our options for custom parts

We realize every mechanical part to measure. A selection of our options:


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