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Revision agitator of a paper blender

Type project: Industrial maintenance
Industrie: Paper
Locatie: Ghent
Jaar uitvoering: 2018

Problem or question of the client?

The client had a fracture in the agitator of a paper blender. Our service consists of always assessing first whether a job is feasible. After we had outlined everything, it became clear that De Pecker Gent NV was able to repair and even improve this part. The renewed part was subsequently mounted on-site.

Our approach?

This broken agitator was brought to DPG to investigate whether the part could be repaired. Our designers fully outlined this piece according to the possibilities of assembly. We then repaired this part in certain places based on the new drawing and also fully renewed the drive system of the agitator.
This piece then had to be mounted back into the blender. The silo in which this had to be placed has a height of 23 m. The challenge was the utilisation of special tooling for the assembly, meaning we also had to construct a tailor-made hoist and lift yoke (5t). In the meantime, the reduction gearbox was revised in our workshop in order to replace it with alignment towards the agitator and connection of the appropriate coupling.

End result?

Thanks to the smooth cooperation between the project leaders at DPG and the client they are able to produce again. The machine is operating as it did before and will be able to function for a considerable amount of time.