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Reparation extraction screw

Type project: 24/7 intervention service
Industrie: Plastics
Locatie: Waarschoot
Jaar uitvoering: 2019

Problem or question of the customer?

A call came in through our 24/7 service department. Our customer was confronted with a broken extraction screw. The extraction screw is used to bring the basic material inside the machine. This in turn brought about a complete production downtime for the machine at the customer. So we immediately jumped into action and sent a team on the road.


Our approach

Everything was measured to obtain the correct dimensions of the flange and to use the correct tools. With the help of dismantling tools such as a hydraulic jack, hydraulic group, threaded rods & a burned flange, the broken extraction screw could be removed from the chamber.


Correct and straight pressing caused no further damage to the inner jacket. All this was dismantled in less than 2 hours. A fine piece of craftsmanship from our men.