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New steel construction for inox funnel

Project type: Industrial maintenance
Industry: Logistics and transport
Location: Gent
Execution year: 2020

Problem of our customer?

A ship loaded with fertilizers is unloaded with a grab and the fertilizers are deposited in the funnel. A conveyor belt is placed under this funnel so that they end up in a storage place. The funnel is subject to changing weather conditions due to the corrosive material, as a result of which various profiles were rusted through, which leads to unsafe situations. It was only a matter of time before this construction would fail. The question from our customer was therefore if we could make a new construction for the existing stainless steel funnel. Offcourse we could!

Our approach?

We measured the worn construction and attachment points by means of 3D measurements. With this information, the structure was further drawn. Since this construction is operational in the vicinity of logistics employees and must also be moved by a forklift, it must meet all current safety standards. For this reason, the necessary strength calculations were made in advance. The results of these calculations were used to check whether this construction still complies with current legislation. Subject to some structural adjustments to the design, we proceeded to the concrete elaboration of the plan. The order for the various materials was placed, followed by drilling of the parts in our workshop. All processed profiles were sent to the painter and from there they were delivered directly to our customer. With a boom lift and crane we then assembled the entire construction on site, including the existing funnel. Because there was no possibility to transport the large stainless steel construction in its entirety via the public road, the assembly was carried out on-site.


A stable, safe, CE-approved construction that will be used for a long time and that can all be moved temporarily with a forklift.


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