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Mold stackable concrete blocks

Project type: Mechanical engineering custom-made
Industry: Concrete
Location: Gent
Execution year: 2019

Problem or question from the customer?

The mold is used continuously during the production of concrete blocks. Various motors ensure that when the cement enters the mold, it is shaken firmly. This makes the mold wear off. The customer therefore needed a new part for his machine. The demand was to make a similar mold where one could cast different sizes of blocks with 1 mold.

Our approach?

We have designed an improved shape based on the old mold. The old mold was dismantled and everything was measured. The design went to our engineering office and was further modified and drawn up in consultation with the client. In our workshop all pieces were produced and welded together. You can watch the complete assembly in the video below. Finally, everything was mounted in the existing machine. After adjusting the mold, the machine was ready for production again.

End result?

With a minimum of downtime during the assembly of the mold in the machine, the customer can again let plenty of concrete blocks roll off the belt. Thanks to our new part, the customer can now also cast different dimensions of concrete block by using the removable spacers in the mold.


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