Dringend interventie nodig?
Bel: +32 (0)498 87 65 23

Intervention – Repair car lift

Project type: 24/7 intervention service
Industry: Automotive
Location: Ghent
Execution year: 2018

Problem or question of the client?

The client called our service number +32 498 87 65 23 on a Sunday evening. Their production line was not operational due to a defective car lift causing the entire production line to be disrupted. A few hours later, the early morning team had to start its shift. This meant a slight time pressure to get everything ready in time.

Our approach?

The person on duty visited the location to review the problem. Our project leader determined that the impeller was nearly broken off and that the bearings had to be replaced. The lift was halted to avoid any hazardous situation. Our project leader immediately called a welder and a mechanic. In the meantime, he measured the defective parts and designed new pieces. The new pieces were then manufactured by the mechanic in our workshop. We then called upon our welder at the location itself. The new parts were welded in on-site and the remainder was installed. Finally, everything was tested and approved. Everything was ready two hours prior to the first shift.

End result?

One of DPG’s strengths is the combined works. We have a machine hall, stock material, own management, … We always deliver high-quality work, every hour of the day, thanks to our all-round mechanics who are involved in the firm. We are able to manufacture everything in-house in our workshops and to mount it with the right people. We offer total service.


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