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Infeed table bodytransport

Project type: Mechanical engineering
Industry: Automotive
Machine type: infeed table
Custom parts: invoertafel
Manufacturing type: Laswerken
Location: Gent
Execution year: 2021

Question of the customer

During the weekend, when production comes to a standstill, our mechanics often carry out maintenance on the installations of various companies. This is to ensure that production stops as little as possible and that everything runs smoothly on Monday. This sometimes also results in other work, such as renewing a part of the production line.
We were asked to manufacture a new infeed table for body transport.

Our approach

We took the measurements of the worn infeed table and prepared the technical drawings. Improvements were added here and there, which benefits the production. All the different parts were made in-house on our lathes and milling machines. Everything was then welded together and assembled. We then tested the input table in our workshop. After thorough testing, the infeed table was ready to be fitted into the customer’s existing production line.


Because we replaced this input table during the weekend, the customer was not bothered by this parts change and the production of cars could start on Monday in a normal way. Due to our adjustments to the infeed table, production will also run more smoothly than before.


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