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Dewateringpress for cementfibre plates (9000t)

Project type: Mechanical engineering
Industry: Concrete
Machine type: Ontwateringspers voor vezelcementplaten
Location: Chechnya
Execution year: 2018

Problem or question of the client?

The customer needed a press to press the water out of large cement-fiber plates. This press has a force of 9000 tons. The difficult thing about this assignment was that the weakness of the press lies with the welds. Because of the high dynamic load and the required service life of 25 years, it was decided to avoid the use of welds and to fully assemble the press with only bolts.

Our approach?

Because we guarantee top quality, we opted to fix the concrete press with bolts. As a result, no weld was involved. Every piece was manufactured in our workshops. The press was then assembled by 20 different employees for 30 days. Together with the production of the pieces, this corresponds to 10,000 hours worked. Once the press was fully assembled, it could be thoroughly tested. The press was then dismantled and packaged again. All this was loaded on trucks for export to Chechnya.

End result?

In the course of 2019, the press will be reassembled by our employees on the customer’s site. Therefore, by bolting the entire press, there will be no weakness in the entire machine.


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