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Cutting and grinding machine

Project type: Mechanical engineering
Industry: Rubber
Machine type: Grinding and cutting machine
Location: Italy
Name client: Rubber belt manufacturers
Execution year: 2021

Problem or question of the customer?

The customer needed a new cutting and grinding machine for the production of raw V-belts. The current machine does not meet the requested capacity and the speed thus has to be increased. They also want to process new materials on the cutting and grinding machine.

Our Approach?

After a company visit to the customer in Italy, almost all meetings took place via video calls, as strict corona measures still apply in the field of travel. In these video meetings the main concepts of the machine were discussed. The basis of a properly functioning machine naturally starts with the plan. The existing drawings from our machine portfolio were adapted to the wishes of the customer. We also thought about making product improvements and how we could implement this improved performance. Then all these technical drawings were converted into tangible parts with the help of our skilled operators. With their lathes and milling machines, the parts were made and assembled by our mechanics. You can view the montage for yourself in the timelapse below.


The cutting & grinding machine is the work horse regarding the cutting of raw-edge V-belts for automotive industry.
The six servo driven axis provides the machine a very high speed without losing the required accuracy.
The onboard software with multiple interface screens makes it the operator easy to control the machine and set-up new belt type configurations.

– Two standard models available, belt length range 500 to 3600mm.
– For cutting any profile up to variator speed belt W80.
– Use of expandable drums with 1200mm workable length
– Grinding unit for refurbishing the drum protection sleeve
– Cutting belts within SAE tolerances without the need of after grinding.
– Cutting speed 300m/min

The cutting and grinding machine can also be used as a strait cutter for cutting synchronous belts or for preparing grind


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