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Conveyorswitch trailer

Project type: Industrial maintenance
Industry: Automotive
Location: Ghent
Execution year: 2019

Problem or question of the customer?

This is a trailer with an automatic loading and unloading conveyorsystem . The trailer was in poor condition, worn out, frame torn by rust, too expensive for repair. However, the conveyor on the trailer is the property of the customer and had to be moved to a new trailer. This can only be removed from the top with the necessary lifting possibilities and correct method. Fixing the conveyor when lifting with a lifting beam was necessary.

Our approach?

First we have informed the customer; The switch is a time-consuming work. Estimations were made and only then we proceeded to a definitive quotation with the necessary details. The entire project will be done at De Pecker Ghent with a great deal of follow-up from both the client and the project manager. The service certainly includes the additional questions and adapted working methods.


The customer is already negotiating to extend this work to several such works with overhaul of their conveyor.

The main advantages for our client are that DPG can respond quickly with a lot of communication, ability, knowledge and possibilities.


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