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Repair of 180 meter long chain

Project type: Industrial maintenance
Manufacturing type: Montage
Location: Tielt
Execution year: 2021


The chain of an oven for the production of mattress cores was worn and had to be replaced.

Our approach

This overhaul consisted of replacing the chain, sprockets and guide. For this we were responsible for the production of 2 x 90 meters of chain guide.

Workshop works
• The drive shaft with all its sprockets and return gears was disassembled in our workshop. The new sprockets were turned to the diameter of the shaft. Because no drawings were available, a new drawing was drawn up during disassembly.
• The drive sprockets were also provided with a keyway and 2 new keys. Afterwards, all revised and new parts such as e.g. the bearings reassembled.
• Construction of a steel chassis for retracting the new chain and pulling out the old chain.
• Construction of a steel hoisting portal equipped with 2 longitudinal girders and 2 electric chain hoists of 4 tons to be able to remove the chain parts and transport them outside.

Assembly at customer
• Installation of steel chassis and lifting portal.
• Lifting out the drive shaft with a crane.
• Dispose of chain parts by means of 2 telehandlers.
• Pulling out the chain by means of the 2 winches of 4 tons with 100 m cable.
• Remove the existing chain guides in the oven and insert the new ones using a wheeled cart (to prevent too much pulling and dragging and wasting time)


The chain has been completely overhauled and is as good as new. This allows the oven to serve for years to come.


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