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Repair and reinforcement of bulldozer wishbones

Type project: Industrial maintenance
Industrie: Logistics and transport
Locatie: Gent
Jaar uitvoering: 2021

Why not just order a new part❓

⏱️ Due to a minimal disassembly time of bearings and seals compared to the complete disassembly of the wishbone, we can put the vehicle back into use more quickly.

💪 Thanks to a few calculated adjustments, the support arm is even 10% stronger than before. So you have a stronger machine that can continue to serve longer.

💸 Repairing certain parts is often cheaper than buying and installing a new part.

🔩 Thanks to our many years of experience, we have acquired a great deal of knowledge to fully optimize the bulldozer. For example, teflon bushings were used for the reinforcement. We also did pendulum welding to prevent heating of the pivot points.