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Compactorpress for pallet units

Project type: Mechanical engineering custom-made
Industry: Chemistry
Location: Ghent
Execution year: 2020

Problem or question of the customer?

We do not avoid any technical challenge in the field of industrial mechanical engineering. Recently, we developed a unique solution to allow stacks of talcum powder to roll compactly and safely off the production line. The customer’s biggest problem was safety. The bags with talc were not stacked compactly, so there was a chance that bags would slide off the stack. Also, the top surface was not smooth, so stacking different pallets in the warehouse on top of each other caused unsafe situations.

Our approach?

Based on the wishes and expectations of the customer, our engineering department was set to work. They designed this fully customized compactor for pallet units, after which production and assembly started in-house and ended with implementation on site. Since we have a large machine park, we are able to produce the parts ourselves by means of our lathes and milling machines. We could also count on our craftsmen, welders and technicians who performed the assignment excellently. The machine was first assembled in our workshop. After thorough testing, the machine was approved for implementation in the existing production line. The assembly of the compactor press at the customer’s place between the various links in the production process went smoothly.


The compactor minimizes both width and height. In this way the height of the stack is reduced from 1.60m to 1.30m. The sides are now also nicely flattened for efficient logistical processing. This allows multiple stacks to be safely stored on top of each other in the warehouse.
The customer is now making optimal use of the available space in the warehouse and during transport because of the new standardized dimensions for each stack.


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